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broadband offers . com Complaint - rebates
broadband offers . com Complaint

broadband offers . com Complaint



Dear Sir or Madam:

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I am writing this letter as a last resort to receive the rebate incentives that I was promised. . The first rebate was for $125.00 and the second was for $79.95. The total amount due is for $204.95. Time and again, I have submitted all of the required paperwork, receipts, and even sent the documentation certified mail. Despite all of my efforts, I have never received either of the two rebates. If I do not receive my rebates within the next 14 working days, I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my local Congressional Representative here in Illinois. If and when that time comes, your organization can explain how you've basically defrauded a senior citizen. I have done everything asked of me to this point and it seems that every time I send copies of the original documentation, nothing happens. I was told that the checks were sent out in August of 2007 and nothing ever came. Again, if I do not receive payment within 14 days of this communication, my local congressional representative will be handling this matter on my behalf. I suggest you give this matter an immediate priority and contact me by phone at once. This situation has been nothing but absolute fraud and I won't stand for it anymore.



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SillyMe says: (8 years ago)
I hate to admit this, but I fell for the same scam (in 2010!!!)
I submitted all required documents on time and, after following their advice to give them 10-11 weeks before contacting them, was just plain told that they never received anything and that it was too late now since the offer expired. Suddenly their advice to wait before contacting them makes so much more sense... $100 down the rain, silly me.
I plan on contacting the BBB and see what other leverage i have to prevent them from doing this to other customers.

johnmad says: (9 years ago)
I was given the wrong date to send in my rebate and was denied the rebate after finding out the representative told me to send the rebate 60 after, rather than before. I marked it in my calender and waited for the notification.

I asked to be helped, but they said I was out of luck and that I could not be helped.
Unfortunately I had no evidence that an idiot hired by them told me this.

I guess it's my fault in the end for trusting some uneducated moron over myself.

I should've reviewed and continued to distrust these horrible scam artists.

Plus the motorola wireless modem sbg900 wireless SRFboard Gateway is a very low quality router that worked irregularly. I eventually sold it to a geek for parts.

Don't go with this company. This is a warning.
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BMani says: (9 years ago)
I couldn't agree more with the previous writers' opinions about broadbandoffers.com. They are a company designed to rip off the consumer, pure and simple. One suggestion I followed after reading about how bad these guys really are was to send my rebate forms via certified mail. I still had to end up contacting my state's attorney's office before the company admitted to having received my rebate forms, but I had the proof the state's attorney's office needed thanks to the certified mail receipts. If you have been entangled in this company's fraudulent ways through ordering Comcast, I would also suggest contacting Comcast to lay out your complaints: yes, the two companies are separate so Comcast cannot take care of getting you your refunds from broadbandoffers.com directly, but I raised my concerns about my experience and Comcast was actually quite responsive, following up with me and crediting my account to make up for all the time I had wasted. The more voices Comcast hears about these thieves, the sooner they will stop partnering with them.

luterguy says: (9 years ago)
I feel I am getting the run around from broadbadnoffers. I double checked prior to ordering and was given the go ahead. Now they are saying that I should not qaulify. There is no way to check anything...so I am waiting...but I feel I am going to have to get my State's Attorney to write a letter also. I don't think it is going to be easy to get my rebate. I think someone should put this company out of business. Clearly they are in the business to make it so hard that that is how they make their money (hoping that you give up). In reality it isn't worth the trouble dealing with them

GmaDi says: (9 years ago)
It has been one yr.since we changed to comcast due to Broadbandoffers.com offer of $100 cash & $89 rebate for the modem. We got the run around big time, saying they didn't show us getting a modem from them; then it was too late, then to having to resubmit forms multiple times. What helped was complaining to our State's Attorney General's office. Did this online. They contacted Broadband, then they sent us a reply letter from Broadband saying why I hadn't rec'd the rebate. From then on, everytime I emailed Broadband, I sent a copy to the person at our Attorney Gen'l office. We just received the $89 for the modem, & Broadband emailed me a copy of the $100 cash rebate form to fill out. I did this & sent in copies of our 1st comcast bill & the confirmation letter from comcast when we signed up. I called & talked with Broadband to make sure I was doing everything in order to get the $100 back & was told yes. So, Hang in there, it has taken many hours of my time, but I was determined to get what we were offered or else the Attorney General will hear about it. Good luck to you all.

Irate says: (9 years ago)
I have also been defrauded of my rebate from Broadbandoffers.com All forms required were sent on time. I wrote and resubmitted forms. Still no rebate. Now they email me that the offer has expired. If I don't get a positive response from Broadband Offers, I plan to write further reviews and report this fraudulent advertising

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